My name is Casey. I'm a 23 year old guy. I don't mind talking if you open the conversation. My kik is Casey_Heineck if you'd like to chat. Hope you enjoy it here.


They say not set impossible goals, only strive to be happy. Yet sometimes, happiness seems like an impossible goal.

I just feel like no one is never really excited to see me. No one anticipates my presence or makes plans to make sure I’m involved. It’s like, everyone I know thinks its cool if I happen to be around, but is nonplussed if I’m not.

I try to stay positive and hope for that time when I can come home to the girl I love and cuddle up next to her, and just make her feel loved and amazing. But it’s really hard to keep imagining that time will ever come when I haven’t gotten a date in 4 years. I’m a mess.